Driving Test Cancellation Checker

The very first (and best!) way to find driving test cancellations. Running for a number of years, we are so confident in the software that if you don't find and book a date you're 100% happy with, we wil refund you

Receive texts and emails when dates matching your criteria come up. Simply reply to the text message and we'll book the test for you. The smarter way to a closer driving test

Satisfaction guaranteed- if you aren't happy you can have all your money back.

Trying to find driving test cancellations yourself can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. They come up rarely, and when the do, disappear from the DSA website in seconds. Unless you have all day to be checking for closer driving tests yourself, you need some help. Driving Test Cancellation Checker will do the hard work for you, constantly checking for tests and reserving one for you when it comes up. You just need to keep your phone handy to book it.

This piece of easy to download software will sit on your PC and constantly scan the DSA website for a closer driving test date for you

Specify which test centres to check, the dates you can and can't make, and we'll only get in touch with dates matching your criteria.

  • Tried and tested solution
  • Used by hundreds of driving instructors
  • The original and best

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  • Has helped thousands of people
  • Simple to install and run
  • Satisfaction guranteed

I thank you and you have a brilliant service
Barrie S, Edmonton

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